The exclusive front page story of edition 154 on low levels of apprenticeship delivery among colleges promised more analysis.

And so while last week’s coverage expanded on this to feature apprenticeship allocations for all general FE colleges, this week it’s the turn of local authorities (LAs).

Dr Sue Pember, director of policy and external relations at Holex, said: “This is a very interesting table and demonstrates community learning providers are diversifying into apprenticeship provision.

“With the support of the Education and Training Foundation Future Apprenticeship development programme more providers are able to start or enhance their offer and I am confident numbers will grow.

“One thing we should watch out for is this table may not be a good indicator when reviewing the totality of an LA’s commitment to apprenticeships. For example, it may have entered into a partnership with at least one external provider for the specialist vocational programmes it needs for its own staff.

“Those numbers would appear on the independent provider list.”