Dr David Collins

Dr David Collins

Providers have been offered an insight into the work of FE Commissioner Dr David Collins with the publication of a new document.

The document, Intervention in Further Education: The strengthened intervention process, sets out information about the process Dr Collins and his advisers follow when they intervene with providers.

It also includes detail of plans to publish Dr Collins’s findings in the public domain, revealed by FE Week on May 1.

It reveals that the Minister’s letter to colleges, including a summary of findings and recommendations, will be published online, but only once the college or institution has responded with its action plan.

It says the final reports on any structure and prospects appraisal will be published, along with any letter from Dr Collins to colleges in which he shares reflections from interventions.

An annual report of lessons learned will also be published, including case studies.

Dr Collins was appointed to the role last year, and his interventions are triggered either by a grade four Ofsted rating, a notice of financial concern from the Skills Funding Agency or Education Funding Agency, or failure to meet national minimum standards of performance set by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills or the Department for Education.

The Commissioner has so far visited LeSoCo, Barnfield College, Stockport College, City of Liverpool College, K College, City of Bristol College, Weymouth College, Bicton College, City of Wolverhampton College and Stratford-upon-Avon College.