The number of notices of concern slapped on colleges rose by 25 per cent in 2012/13 from nine notices in 2011/12.

Notices of concern are triggered by inadequate Ofsted results or fears over the college’s financial health or controls.

A Freedom of Information request by FE Week has uncovered that that as of May 15 there were 22 colleges under one or more notices of concern.

Bicton, Great Yarmouth, Stockport, Bracknell and Wokingham, Kensington and Chelsea, K College and five unnamed colleges, were issued with financial health notices.

Financial control notices were also issued to five unnamed colleges, along with Lambeth, Macclesfield, Bracknell and Wokingham, Kingston and K College.

Ofsted ‘inadequate’ inspection results led to notices for Lambeth, Macclesfield, City of Bristol, City of Liverpool, Worcestershire and one unnamed college.

City of Wolverhampton College is the only one currently under a notice of concern for all three.

Stockport College, Kingston College and Great Yarmouth College all said they expected their notices to be lifted soon.

Kensington and Chelsea, Liverpool and City of Wolverhampton College said they had made “significant improvements” since being issued with notices.

Lambeth College said the inspection notice had now been lifted, but the college had been issued with a financial health notice in June.

Bristol described the notice as procedural and “fully expected”.

K College said it had completed an LSIS-run structure and prospects appraisal and accepted the recommendations.

Bicton College, Macclesfield College, and Stafford College declined to comment, and nobody from South Worcestershire College was available for comment.