With the recent changes to FE funding arrangements, 2011/12 is seeing changes to the way ILR data is collected.

The introduction of the single ILR for 2011/12 has seen the Data Service redevelop its data collection systems, with the Learner Information Suite V19.01 and the 2011/12 Online Data Collections portal going live in September 2011 in time for providers to submit data for the R02 ILR return.

The latest LIS allows providers to convert existing flat file format ILR to the revised restructured XML ILR, as well as providing the functionality to merge files of different collection types, flat files and XML files.

The Learning Aim Reference Application (LARA) went live on 31 July and replaces the Learning Aim Database from 2011/12 onwards.

We are now focussing on phase 2 of the replatforming of data collection systems project, which will include further developments to OLDC, in particular the web interface and LIS will provide functionality for providers to perform migration. We will provide regular updates on developments to our systems on our website.

Data Quality

The Data Service will be releasing new Credibility Reports on 28 November 2011 based on data from the R03 ILR return. Timeliness Reports and Data Quality Dashboards will also be available from 04 January 2012 (for the R04 return) and ULN verification Reports will be available on 30 January 2012.

Rich Williams is Head of the Data Service

LRN for 2011/12

I would like to take this opportunity to also remind providers that the deadline for reporting changes to Learner Reference Numbers for 2011/12 is 12 October 2011. Further details on the process for reporting these changes can be found on our website.


By Rich Williams

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