Students still don’t know what ‘green skills’ are

If the UK is going to attract investment in its green economy, we desperately need skilled young people to...

Jess Staufenberg
Neil Bentley-Gockmann
Climate Change

SMEs lack incentive to invest in green skills

Not much is in place to encourage smaller construction businesses to go green, write Andrea Laczik and Kat Emms...

Jess Staufenberg
Andrea Laczik and Kat Emms
AAC2022, Apprenticeships, Climate Change

Apprenticeships in green skills sectors require joined-up thinking

Apprenticeships can only meet our green skills needs if we follow the lead of employers, and link up across...

Jess Staufenberg
Jennifer Coupland
Climate Change

Sustainability is now the ‘fourth functional skill’

Students at AELP’s first-ever green skills summit say sustainability should be learnt alongside English, maths and digital, writes Nichola...

Jess Staufenberg
Nichola Hay