The Skills Funding Agency will be hoping that long-standing problems in developing new funding software are at an end as it prepares to use the new Hub data collection system to calculate provider payments for the first time.

The agency’s revamp of its data collections and funding system was due to have been completed 11 months ago.

But it has suffered ongoing problems leading to the continued use of the old Online Data Collection (OLDC) as a crutch for its replacement, the Hub, since September.

However, the SFA has announced that the Hub will be stepping up to the plate for the R11 data return, due in by July 4, with responsibility for calculations.

An agency spokesperson said: “We intend to continue to run the two systems in parallel until we consider it appropriate to formally de-commission the old system.”

A spokesperson for the Association of Employment and Learning Providers said: “Providers seem sanguine about dealing with the issue. We hope however that a switch to a single system can be made soon.”

An Association of Colleges spokesperson said: “It’s imperative accurate information is on record and a back-up system during this transition period offers some reassurance.”

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  1. Red Jack

    “ready” – the quotes are significant. The SFA IT people are claiming it is ready but all that really means is that it is now about as good as the OLDC system it is meant to replace.

    11 months late means it was under development for how many years?

    But if an independent auditor was to look at the project they would find that the project has not delivered the flexibility that was promised to the sector and therefore that the benefits promised will not be realised. All the money was spent though (and then some). SFA IT made sure of that at least.