Four cows at Chichester College have been presented with awards by agriculture students for over 10 years of service.

Three dairy shorthorn cows, named Brinsbury Margot, Digitalis and Symphony, have each spent 10 years at the college, while Rantonhall Baroness has completed 12 years of service, producing a grand total of 68,092 litres of milk between them.

The four cows, who are the matriarchs of the herd, with daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters all at the college, were recognised during end-of-term celebrations at the Brinsbury campus.

Dan Stamper, the farm manager at Chichester College, said: “We felt it was important to mark the achievement of these four cows and to highlight how seriously we take animal health and welfare on the farm.

“It is absolutely vital to get this right to ensure our cows enjoy healthy, happy and long lives.”

The college is home to 150 dairy cows, and students are involved in all aspects of dairy farming, from measuring grass to milking the cows twice daily.


Featured picture: Agriculture students with Brinsbury Margot

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