• Nazir Afzal

    Chair, Hopwood Hall College, Manchester

    “FE has been shafted by Her Majesty’s governments for years”

  • AVM Warren James

    Head of training, Royal Air Force

    “A lot of youngsters could do more than they believe”

  • Judith Doyle

    Principal and CEO, Gateshead College

    “I gained a reputation as someone who championed teaching and learning”

  • Tom Bewick

    Chief Executive, Federation of Awarding Bodies

    “Getting into further education really transformed my life”

  • Jon Yates

    Secretary of State for Education’s special adviser on policy

    “He fundamentally cares about there being an impact on the ground”

  • Steve Frampton

    President-elect, Association of Colleges

    “I believe in the student voice”

  • Eileen Milner

    Chief Executive, ESFA

    “Incremental change rather than revolution”

  • Jo Maher

    Principal and CEO, Boston College

    “I’d like to be judged on my competence, not my age”

  • Sir Gerry Berragan

    Chief executive, Institute for Apprenticeships

    “I want to take on responsibility. I want to lead people”

  • Sir Alan Tuckett

    Former NIACE CEO, Founder of Adult Learners' Week