• Nav Chohan

    principal, Shipley College, West Yorkshire

    “To be fairly confident about the future, that's not a bad place to be”

  • Samantha Knowlton

    principal, Oxfordshire UTC

    “UTCs provide an education with purpose”

  • Sarah Stannard

    principal, City College Southampton

    “Doing the right thing by the community is what’s kept me going ”

  • Matt O'Leary

    professor of education, Birmingham City University

    “Removing observation forces people to reflect deeply on their practice”

  • Michelle Brabner

    CEO and principal, Southport College

    “The vision is the same, but the journey is going to be different”

  • Gerard Garvey

    principal, Newcastle Sixth Form College

    “I’m doing the job I always wanted to do. I can still take it further here”

  • Chris Humphries

    acting president and chair of the board, WorldSkills International

    “I’m doing my very best to make sure that I live up to everyone’s expectations”

  • Christine Ricketts

    Principal, Brooklands College

    “We’ve got all this noise going on with finances, but the students come first”

  • Kirstie Donnelly

    CEO, City and Guilds

    “The things we’re talking about in a COVID context are the things we have had to tackle anyway”

  • Chris Webb

    Principal, Bradford College

    “By 2024, I want Bradford to be recognised as one of the best colleges in the country”

  • John Clarke

    Principal, Southport College

    “Someone, somewhere, has to simplify the regulation in FE”

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