• Neil Bentley-Gockmann

    CEO, WorldSkills UK

    “WorldSkills goes to the heart of who I am as a person.”

  • Anna Morrison

    Director, Amazing Apprenticeships

    “I don't want young people saying 'a company like Google don't want someone like me'”

  • Corrina Hembury

    Managing director, Access Training

    “The passion for me has always been about the learners ”

  • Ali Hadawi

    Principal, Central Bedfordshire College

    “Education wasn’t on my radar as my career”

  • Zamzam Ibrahim

    president, National Union of Students

    “The cultural shame around FE needs to change”

  • Charlotte Bosworth

    Managing director, Innovate Awarding

    “Everyone is in education to get a job”

  • Julie Mills

    CEO & Group Principal, Milton Keynes College

    “FE is not about second chances. It’s about excellence”

  • Robert Halfon

    Chair, Education select committee

    “Lifelong learning is a disaster area - there's not enough money”

  • Nazir Afzal

    Chair, Hopwood Hall College, Manchester

    “FE has been shafted by Her Majesty’s governments for years”

  • AVM Warren James

    Head of training, Royal Air Force

    “A lot of youngsters could do more than they believe”

  • Judith Doyle

    Principal and CEO, Gateshead College

    “I gained a reputation as someone who championed teaching and learning”