• Rebecca Conroy

    CEO, East Sussex College Group

    “Personal ambition isn’t a massive driver. But I guess that doesn’t equate to securing the CEO job!”

  • Steve Kelly

    principal, Keighley College

    “My staff can make the decisions. They’re big boys and girls”

  • Ian Pryce

    chief executive, The Bedford College Group

    “I always wanted to understand how things work and be in charge”

  • Dipa Ganguli

    principal, Sutton College Adult Education

    “Many authorities are in trouble and look at adult education as easy funds”

  • Polly Lovell

    executive principal, UTC Plymouth

    “David Carter took me for a little walk around the UTC, and he said 'what do you need?'”

  • David Phoenix

    chief executive, London South Bank University group

    “I was allowed to just run with ideas”

  • Toby Perkins

    Shadow minister for apprenticeships and lifelong learning

    “I'm more of a doer and talker, than a reader and studier”

  • John Laramy

    principal and CEO, Exeter College

    “You can't build a system where the plumbing teacher is paid less than the plumber”

  • Lisa O'loughlin

    Principal, The Manchester College

    “Manchester is fantastic at collaborating to improve outcomes”

  • Mark Dawe

    CEO, The Skills Network

    “I have a view on how I can stay on in a role. If not, I move on”

  • Kate Green

    Shadow education secretary

    “I don't like stupid policy, so I got annoyed and started asking questions”

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