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  • SPONSORED: UAL Awarding Body: an adaptable and supportive community

    As we close in on summer results, let’s take some lessons from the adaptability of creative students and educators, and dare to predict success for the class of ‘21. Creatives are flexible. Creatives are connected. They develop networks of best practice. They promote a culture of mutual respect, improvement and collegiate support. Which is why

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  • SPONSORED: “Begin with the end in mind” for success with student apprentices

    According to Stephen R Covey in his renowned book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, beginning with the end in mind means you should understand your destination before starting your journey.  This is important as it’s only when you know where you’re going and understand where you are now, that can you take steps

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  • SPONSORED: Department for Education Announce £5.4m of Funding in Latest CCF Round

    The DfE has announced that £5.4 million in funding is available to colleges as part of the College Collaboration Fund (CCF). The CCF is a national programme of competitive grant funding for all statutory further education colleges in the UK. It enables colleges to collaborate and share good practice and expertise to address common quality

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  • SPONSORED: FE Colleges Win with Out-of-the-Box Digital Skills

    Newcastle College upped its digital skills capabilities by partnering with an edtech specialist, Code Institute, on the creation and delivery of a Level 5 Diploma in Web Application Development – meeting a critical skills need for employers and learners. Ironically, this story began pre-pandemic in October 2020. Like many FE colleges Newcastle were in a

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  • SPONSORED: The Future of Learning; Knowledge is Power

    The main priority within education continues to focus on delivering the best learner experience possible and truly understanding each individual’s learning requirements is integral for success. This is one of the biggest challenges training providers face and can often be the reason some training providers fail. Over the last year, many lives have changed dramatically.

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  • SPONSORED: NOCN Group’s Skills Recovery Roadmap

    Future Skills, Future Workforce, Future Proof NOCN Group is supporting colleges, training providers, and employers to understand the various routes, new initiatives, and funding options available to developing the skilled workforce urgently required post-Covid19. Committed to supporting the Government’s ‘Plan for Jobs’ drive to increase employment opportunities in response to the pandemic, NOCN is here

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  • SPONSORED: The Lowered Threshold: Our Support to You

    After a challenging year for Colleges and providers, as everyone is now aware the ESFA announced that the Adult Education Budget threshold for colleges has been lowered to 90% rather than the normal threshold of at least 97% of their allocation. The reduction to 68% last year, owing to the impact of Covid-19, led to

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  • SPONSORED: The Annual Revaluation of Further Education and the Enrolment Process

    Every year the further education sector spends an unlimited time working on Strategic Enrolment Management Plans. The focus of these meetings is to enhance a range of outcomes, to make sure new students receive a smooth and positive experience, ensuring that there is a range of measurability reports including, the total number of enrolments taken,

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  • SPONSORED: Could your college capitalise on the new apprenticeships?

    Apprentice reform has opened the floodgates for private providers to really get involved in delivering apprenticeships.  The new standards are starting to prove their worth to employers as the first cohorts of students have successfully navigated the improved – yet imposed – changes. Even the pandemic hasn’t held back the more entrepreneurial spirits from delivering

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  • SPONSORED: When best-in-class tech meets best-in-class accreditation

    Irrespective of the scale of the educational institution, there’s always a case for improving efficiencies and delivering more effective learning infrastructure. To thrive in the next normal, the parameters of innovation will need to be reimagined for educational institutions across the board. Thankfully, they can lean on the experts to help fine-tune and enhance their

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  • Continuing delivery of flexible and safe end-point assessment in 2021

    Despite the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) extending temporary flexibilities to support apprentices, further restrictions with national lockdown 3 may be causing difficulties for FE Colleges, employers and training providers. COVID-19 has impacted everyone in the UK and the further education and skills sector is no exception. Apprentices just starting programmes, or in

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