We are morally compelled as a nation to do our absolute best to help immigrants who struggle with speaking English, to integrate smoothly into our rich melting pot of a society.

It’s such an important policy area, in terms of helping secure jobs and preventing significant numbers of people from feeling isolated.

That’s why I feel just as frustrated as Jenny Roden and Sue Pember that provision is being undermined by competing government departments.

DCLG seems to think it should be delivered by unpaid “small voluntary and community groups”.

I’m inclined to think they should leave it to the professionals at FE colleges, who have taught ESOL for decades. I hope and suspect ministers at the DfE agree with this.

Everything needs to be pulled together and made the sole responsibility of the department dedicated to education.

It’s hard to understand why there isn’t a national strategy already in place. Drawing one up and increasing funding should be a key priority.