Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has called on young people and employers to “get an apprenticeship” ahead of National Apprenticeship Week.

In a one and a half minute video message, which marks the week-long celebration of apprenticeships beginning on Monday, Mr Clegg said every young person had “the talent and potential to succeed”, and one of the ways they could do this was through an apprenticeship.

He said: “National Apprenticeship Week gives us an opportunity to recognise the incredible achievements of these apprentices.

“It also enables us to thank the thousands of British employers giving them this chance to earn and learn.

“And inspire more young people, businesses and organisations to get involved.”

Mr Clegg listed the benefits of apprenticeships, saying the “facts speak for themselves”.

He gave examples of careers which can be accessed through apprenticeships, such as TV production, legal services and engineering, as well as telling employers there would be a “hard-working, dedicated” apprentices for them “whatever your sector”.

“More apprentices than ever are making it into our top professions,” he said.

“Many employers tell us that taking on an apprentice has benefited their business.”

He added: “Help us build on this success. So, if you want a good career or a boost to your businesses’ bottom line – get an apprenticeship.”

To watch the full video and read the full text of Mr Clegg’s speech, click here.

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