World-famous novelist, performance poet, playwright and political activist Benjamin Zephaniah spoke to students from West Cheshire College.

He talked about new novel Terror Kid, which tells how a Romany boy called Rico fights back against injustices in the world, and took part in a current affairs debate with learners.

Extended diploma in performing arts student Stephen Boyle said: “I studied Benjamin’s poetry for GCSE so I know a lot of his work. I love the way he expresses his views on everything. Even his funny poems have a serious message behind them.”

The Birmingham-born writer gained international recognition through his 1982 album Rasta, which featured The Wailers’ first recording since the death of Bob Marley and a tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Mr Zephaniah said: “I love having political debates so I really enjoyed my time at the college.

“My advice to students is that everybody has the potential to be a writer as we all have our own individual stories we can tell people.”

Caption from left: Clare Owens, college head of English for Speakers of Other Languages, Jacque Stainburn student adviser, Benjamin Zephaniah and students Peter Marnell, aged 20, Dominic John, 21, and Stephen Boyle, 16.