Helping to save the Amazon rainforest in Peru

Endangered trees were planted in the Amazon rainforest by Birmingham Metropolitan College students.

The nine higher national diploma uniformed public services students helped out on a reforestation scheme in the Manu National Park during a three-week stay in Peru.

It involved clearing unwanted bamboo and planting Peruvian pine, capirona and iron trees — which are endangered species in the region because of deforestation.

They also trekked to Machu Picchu — an Inca settlement 2,430m above sea level which was abandoned by the native tribe more than 400 years ago.

Chris Harding, assistant director for uniformed public services at Birmingham Metropolitan College, said: “Peru was chosen because we wanted students to experience a landscape and environment that would challenge them and add to their overall experience as well as enrich their cultural knowledge.”

Main picture: Birmingham Metropolitan College students and staff by the remains of the Machu Picchu Inca settlement.