Students from Walsall College voted overwhelmingly in favour of the UK staying in the European Union (EU) after debating the issue with three West Midlands Euro MPs.

The college held a Europe day, where it invited Anthea McIntyre (Conservative), Phil Bennion (Liberal Democrats) and Nikki Sinclaire (Independent) to debate the advantages and disadvantages of EU membership with around 100 learners.

Students were then asked to vote using electronic keypads whether Britain should be “in” or “out” of Europe — with 66 per cent opting to stay in.

They also took part in activities challenging them to consider the effects of EU human rights legislation.

June Morrow, Walsall College’s director of student services, said: “This was great way to help young people see the relevance of the European issue.

“By the end of the day, only a handful of students felt they wouldn’t be bothered to vote (7 per cent) which indicates that Europe day did a lot to challenge political apathy among our young people.”

Pictured from left: West Midlands Euro MPs Phil Bennion, Nikki Sinclaire and Anthea McIntyre (far right) at Walsall College with  students who took part in the debate