Students from 30 sixth form colleges took part in a United Nations-style event at Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College.

The event, at the college in Birmingham, was opened by journalist John McCarthy CBE, who was held hostage from 1986 to 1991in the Lebanon.

Around 300 students represented 40 countries and acted as delegates from UN member states. They worked in committees that focused on a range of issues including human rights, disarmament and the environment.

They also took part in debates on resolutions for global issues such as violence against women and Palestinian refugees.

Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College principal Elly Tobin said:  “This event was particularly exciting given the current situation in Crimea, as heated debates between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations took on a particular air of realism that went beyond even the usual high standard of informed and insightful commentary by students.”

Cap: dozens of sixth form students waving their banners outside Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College