Britpop star shoots promo video at college studio

The lead singer of Britpop band Ocean Colour Scene visited Stratford-upon-Avon College with his new group Merrymouth to record a promo video for their new album.

Wenlock Hill is the second album from the folk-orientated band Merrymouth, which is fronted by singer Simon Fowler, who found fame in the 1990s with Ocean Colour Scene — which had five top 10 albums and hit singles including The Day We Caught the Train and The Riverboat Song.

The video was shot entirely in the campus recording studios by the college’s media technician Dan Croxford and media lecturer Sophie Blount.

Mr Croxford said: “Working alongside Simon Fowler was a great experience. His talent and humour engaged us all, making us want to create something to the best of our standards.

“The band works together so well and they bring an element of fun with them wherever they go which is awesome.”

Cap: Simon Fowler and fellow band member Adam Barry in a college recording studio