Talented bakers show off their sweet side

Catering students from Gloucestershire College showed their sweet side by baking 25 cakes for a charity to sell.
The students responded to an appeal from Vance Hopkins, general manager of the James Hopkins Trust, for supporters to bake 100 cakes.
The charity, which supports severely disabled and ill children, had been invited raise funds through selling slices of cake and refreshments to visitors during an open weekend at Colesbourne Gardens, in the Cotswolds.
The students provided a variety of tasty treats — including Victoria, chocolate and coffee sponges, fruit cakes and lemon cakes.
Mr Hopkins said: “We are extremely grateful to all the catering students for taking the time to support us by making a wonderful number of cakes.”
The charity raised more than £1,000 through selling the cakes and refreshments.

Cap: Tony Awino, catering and hospitality lecturer, student James Ho, aged 17, Jo Lawrence, a James Hopkins Trust volunteer who collected the cakes, and students Felicity Keegan, 20, and Scott Oldham, 18