Don’t Doolittle...pop star urges young people to vote

City and Islington College students were interviewed on ITV news with pop star Eliza Doolittle about why it is important for young people to vote.
Around 30 of the college’s BTec business students attended an event organised by the Bite the Ballot campaign, which encourages students to become more engaged with politics, at the Centre for Business, Arts and Technology, in London.
They took part in a series of political-themed games — including one which challenged them to think about how they would manage the British economy. Two of the students, Abdullah Yusuf Ismailijee, aged 17, and Pooja Valechha, 18, were then interviewed on ITV news about why it is important for young people to vote, along with singer-songwriter Eliza.
Prabhakar Tailor, business lecturer, said: “It was fantastic for our students to meet Eliza and have their eyes opened to the opportunities for young people in politics.”

Cap: Eliza Doolittle, Pooja Valechha and Abdullah Yusuf Ismailijee on ITV news