Visitors can hardly 'baa'lieve their eyes as newborn lambs delivered

Visitors to Sparsholt College could have been forgiven for thinking spring had arrived early as they watched agricultural students helping to deliver dozens of new-born lambs.

Members of the public weren’t sheepish as they were welcomed into the Hampshire-based college’s lamb baa-rn during an open weekend.

The college shepherd John Garrett provided a running commentary as a group of eight students delivered 33 lambs under his guidance.

Philip Holroyd-Smith, who organised the event, said: “I can’t imagine there are many opportunities for people to get so close to a new born lamb and to witness one being born is pretty special.

“There were a number of occasions when visitors let out a collective aaah as they saw a new lamb arrive in the world.”

Cap: From left: Student Harry Benney, aged 17, shepherd John Garrett and student Tom Van Oppen, 17, with a newborn lamb