The new Labour FE faces are Liam Byrne, who takes Gordon Marsden’s place, and Rushanara Ali, who takes Tristram Hunt’s role.

Tristram Hunt interviewed by FE Week editor Nick Linford

FE Week would like to welcome them to the wonderful world of FE and congratulate Mr Hunt on his promotion to Shadow Education Secretary.

Mr Byrne has experienced a range of government and shadow ministerial roles. His own post-16 education includes studying A-levels at The Hertfordshire and Essex High School, in Bishop’s Stortford.

Ms Ali attended Tower Hamlets College, which she has credited with much of her success.

Mr Hunt meanwhile, who takes over from Stephen Twigg, is no stranger to FE Week, and our profile of him, along with a recent interview on Labour’s plans for the future can be found on the FE Week website.