Engineers drop in on the Navy

Barton Peveril College  engineering students Tom Abbey, Wesley Frost, Alex Wilson and Robert Winn dropped in by helicopter on the Royal Fleet Auxiliary stores ship, Fort Austin, on a fact-finding mission for their engineering education scheme project.

The quartet has been working with the Royal Navy to develop a new system of measuring the distance between moving ships delivering and receiving supplies and fuel, known as ‘replenishment at sea’.

Isabel Culmer, engineering education scheme co-ordinator at Barton Peveril, said: “All the different experiences of the day were amazing and the students learned so much.”

The students watched Fort Austin deliver supplies and fuel to a Dutch frigate, as well as having lunch with the officers and taking part in a ‘man overboard’ rescue drill.

Featured image caption: From left: Alex Wilson, Robert Winn, Wesley Frost, Tom Abbey, all 17 onboard the Ford Austin