Finance skills were on the menu when MP Nicky Morgan saw how Leicestershire students were learning to manage money.

Ms Morgan, Cons, Loughborough, joined learners at Loughborough College in ‘The taste of money’, a challenge that introduced them to dining on a budget.

Chef team leader Stuart Finn produced a range of dishes for very different costs, and asked more than 600 student diners to ‘taste the difference’ between the cheaper and more expensive options.

Ms Morgan said: “I loved the idea behind ‘The Taste of Money’.

“It is a great concept to show students how simple spending changes, in terms of making a wise choice at mealtimes, offers really helpful practice in the art of careful budgeting.”

An interactive survey showed that more than half the students preferred the cheaper dish.

Featured image caption: Nicky Morgan MP and Loughborough College student Kunal Singala sample The Taste of Money