Rugby league players are going back to college to prepare for the day when they hang up their boots.

Fifty players from teams across the Super League will study a range of vocational courses at Warrington Collegiate to help them to prepare for a career once their playing days end.

Warrington Wolves squad member Trent Waterhouse, 32, said: “I’m studying business with a view to running my own coffee shop… There’s a few of us doing the same subject so it’ll be fun to study together and help each other out.”

The players will take time out from training on Wednesday afternoons to attend the courses, organised through league’s governing body, the RFL.

RFL operations director Emma Rosewarne said: “We recognise the importance of preparing players for life after rugby league; we aim to provide as many opportunities as possible to help them to achieve their goals both on and off the pitch.”

Featured image caption: From left: Super League players  Iain Thornley, 21,  Paul Clough, 25,  Joe Mellor, 22,  and Trent Waterhouse, 32