Taking a closer look at paracetamol

Young chemists in Crewe spent a day testing the purity of paracetamol, using an infra-red spectrometer and thin layer chromatography techniques.

Two groups of A level chemistry students, including Heidi Falvey, 18, (pictured), took part in ‘spectroscopy in a suitcase’ workshops at South Cheshire College.

The sessions were delivered by postgraduate students from the University of Manchester’s chemistry department through the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Dr Katayune Presland, the north west regional co-ordinator for the Royal Society of Chemistry, who helped to deliver the workshops, said: “The infra-red spectroscopy equipment is very expensive and is used by students at the University of Manchester.

“All the students responded well and we look forward to working with the college again in the future.”

Andrew Knott, a chemistry tutor at South Cheshire, said: “Visits like these give students the chance to use equipment they don’t have access to at college. We are grateful to the society – the students have benefited greatly from these sessions.”