Media savvy students make careers DVD

Media students in Berkshire have created a film to help young people decide what their next step should be after finishing their GCSEs.

The What is Work Ready DVD has been sent out to local schools to be watched by thousands of students.

Bracknell and Wokingham College students scripted the film, interviewed local employers and employees on their views on work readiness, and composed the soundtrack.

Student Connor Sharod-Southam, who operated the camera and edited the DVD, said: “I found the experience really useful and I think it’s made me much more prepared for the world of work. Asking employers to volunteer their time then briefing them on what we wanted them to say for the video gave me skills I will use all the way through my working life.”

Principal Campbell Christie said: “I am hoping the DVD will be seen as a great way to get the message about employability across.

“I also hope that other keen young college film crews around the country will be inspired to put their own local stamp on the template and continue to put this crucial work ready message across.”