Lecturer awarded £6,000 for virtual plumbing breakthrough

A lecturer has been awarded £6,000 for creating a virtual central heating system to help teach plumbing students.

Head of construction at the College of North West London Martin Biron received the development award from the charity BPEC at its first ever Life Awards ceremony in Derby.

Mr Biron said: “As an educator, over the past five years I have been driven with a passion to develop educational resources to encourage individuals to develop the skills needed to become competent and proficient plumbers.

The virtual world allows users to create an avatar that can fly around the central heating and solar thermal systems. The ability to zoom into the components enables students to discover far more than they could do in the real life.

The cash will be reinvested to fund the online 3D world for a further two years.

BPEC chairman Frank Glover said: “Each of the award finalists has shown how plumbing can make a difference to life, and we congratulate the College of North West London for being among this year’s recipients.”