Today the Mail on Sunday published an article which was highly critical of the growth in apprenticeships, particularly at the supermarkets; Morrisons and Asda. The national newspaper contacted FE Week for a quote, as a blue chip company had called them to complain that not all apprenticeships were what the public might expect them to be.

The article reads: Many schemes are existing programmes relaunched  under new names and subsidised by the taxpayer. Among those collecting millions in taxpayers’  money are supermarket giants Morrisons and Asda, which between them claim to be creating more than 40,000 apprentices over the coming year. While a few hundred will be trained as expert butchers, bakers or other technical staff, most will in practice be manning checkouts and stacking shelves. Asda admitted that not one of its 25,000 apprenticeships amounted to a new job.”

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FE Week has written numerous articles in the past few months about the rapid rise in apprenticeships (see below), particularly for those over the age of 25 and at Morrisons and Asda. Many include comments from readers, and you can add yours below.

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