UCU #cradletograve conference – what the FE delegates had to say

At today’s University and College Union conference on ‘Education from Cradle to Grave’, FE Week spoke to some of the FE delegates to find out how they felt about the event and which hot topics they were discussing. Danyl Bartlett – South Essex College There has been such a variety of opinions here. It’s nice to see people who have just come from all over the country with very different perspectives on the same issues and being able to share that in a to share that in an open space has been great. I don’t think there needs to be a single message to today, I think it just needs to be about getting everyone together to hear how different branches of UCU are coping with some of the big changes that are happening in FE. The FE model is changing. It’s becoming more client-led, as opposed to academically-led and I think that is damaging the students’ experience, but I also think it is damaging the morale of academics. Anya Cook – Newcastle College I really enjoyed what Jeremy Corbyn had to say on the purpose and function of FE. What I felt was missed was that he didn’t talk … Continue reading UCU #cradletograve conference – what the FE delegates had to say