FE Week will be holding a policy summit, chaired by Dame Ruth Silver, Friday next week (September 20), 3-4:30pm, on 10th floor of 80 Strand, central London.

You may have seen our front page this week (Apprentice hopefuls face GCSE barrier) and subsequent BBC Radio 4 Today programme interview (see link below, which now includes the recording of the interview) http://feweek.co.uk/2013/09/06/apprentice-hopefuls-face-gcse-barrier/

At the policy summit next Friday I will briefly outline our findings, and propose a solution. I am then very keen to hear attendee thoughts in terms of whether they believe the practice of setting GCSE entry criteria is acceptable (by provider and/or employer), and if not what might be done to change the practice. Ultimately, I’m keen to see if a consensus can be found, which means 40%+ of young people are no longer excluded from applying for the most basic apprenticeships because of their GCSE grades.

We will be reporting on this policy summit in FE Week.

Details: Discussion about apprentice hopefuls facing GCSE barriers
Location: 10th floor 80 Strand, WC2R 0RL (Pearson/Penguin offices)
Time: 3-4:30pm (including refreshments)
RSVP via email to me asap please.

For information, organisations invited include AoC, AELP, NUS, UCU, 157 Group, Unison, UKCES, NIACE, CBI, FSB, minister and shadow minister, the government’s apprenticeship ambassadors, some SSCs, some AOs and a small number of MDs from providers and principals from colleges.