Advertising rate card

Advertising products and services in FE Week
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ROP                                                                        £25scc

Full Page 34×7                                                 £5,600

DPS 34×14                                                          £11,200

FPS 5×7                                                               £1,225

Homepage Rolling Banner online*            £2000 [4 weeks on website]

Homepage Button online*                            £800 [4 weeks on website]

*Buttons and Banners can click through to the company’s website or to an Advertorial page on the FE Week website.

Prime positions and creative opportunities may be subject to a loading.


Advertising jobs in FE Week

Recruitment section                                              £20scc- Colour and Mono adverts

* Recruitment section is made up of 8 columns each measuring 30mm/3cm each.

Print SCC Rate includes online listing and featured job benefits (see below)

Online Basic Job listing                                         £95 per job

Online Featured Job Package                             £250 per job

Featured job includes link in members email
(sent to 7000+ members) and Job tweets from the @feweek account.



Graphic design

FE Week employ professional designers, and for an additional cost can produce materials where required.

Booking deadlines

Booking and copy deadline for recruitment adverts is Wednesday at 5pm [Agency booking deadline Thursday at 11am with complete artwork sent by Thursday at 1pm].

Cancellation deadlines

Any cancellation must be provided in writing 28 days prior to publication.

All prices are exclusive of VAT

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